Overall of SAMI’s Vertical Shaft Furnace  Technology

SAMI owns both rotary kiln and vertical shaft furnace (“VSF”)  technologies for GPC calcining. In the past 10 years, VSF technology has been  adopted more and more by calcined petroleum coke (“CPC”) producers all over the  world, considering its outstanding advantages. Up to now, the total production  capacity adopting SAMI’s VSF technology is about 8,000kt/a.

SAMI’s Vertical Shaft Furnace Technology:

SAMI  has long been engaged in development and optimization of VSF technology  in recent years and successfully developed the secondgeneration of VSF  (G2 VSF).With the outstanding advantages comparing with the traditional  VSF technology, it includes the following VSF Technologies:

lGPC selection & control technology

lGPC inventory management & accurate proportioning system

lProper temperature calcining technology

lOptimized VSF structure

lAnti-erosion silica brick

lAutomatic control technology

lEnvironment control technology

lMES management system

Main performance indicators

Capacity:                  80-130kg/h. tank

Carbon loss:                ≤ 2.5%

Lifespan:                   ≥ 12years1.5%≤S≤3.0%

Fuel consumption:          No Normal operation

Real density:               2.06-2.09g/cm3

VBD28-40 mesh):         0.89-0.93g/cm3

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