Since 1970, SAMI has continuously developed its SY series pot  technology from 160kA to 620kA to deliver the best aluminum smelters, which is  capable to be sustained environmentally and economically. SAMI pot technology  aims at increasing the amperage and current efficiency and decreasing the power  consumption and emission to the environment. This results in improved  productivity, improved production capacity and efficiency, low capital cost, low  operation cost and environment friendly smelters.

·       Until 2020, SAMI has fulfilled engineering design of 80% of aluminum smelters in China with pot amperage above 400kA.

·       The total number of pots adopting SAMI pot technology go beyond 32,500 with total design capacity of 36,000,000 t/a.

·       SAMI is the only technology provider who has 500 kA & 620kA pots successfully industrialized all around the world.

·       Aluminum smelters using 400 kA technology other than SAMI's are very rare.


SY 600 & 500kA Pot

·       SY600 Pot Technology.

SY600 pilot plant

ØPilot plant with 12 SY600 pots (Amperage: 600kA) started up in 2012.

ØPassed the national performance tests in Jan. 2014, achieving a remarkable figure of DC power consumption of 12,136 kWh/t-Al

SY600 pots in Shandong Xinfa smelter

Ø3 potlines with 636 SY600 pots are in operation since Jan, 2016.

ØPot Amperage: 620kA

ØPot Daily Production: 4.643t (continuously improved)

SY500 Pot Technology-the mostpromising solution.

ØSY500 pots weresuccessfully put into commercial operationin 2011.

Ø  In 202021  potlines with the total number of 7,230 SY500 pots are under operation,  while another 2,618 pots are under construction or engineering.

SAMI’sExperience of Pot Upgrading for Existing Plant

SAMI  has mature and proven experience and know-how in pot modernization,  offering solutions for increasing production and labour productivity,  improving energy and materials specific consumption, and enhancing  environmental protection and working conditions.

With  the methods of magnetic field (busbar) optimization, horizontal current  reducing technology and heat balance optimization, more than 7,500 pots  in 36 smelters have been successfully upgraded by SAMI, achieving an  average DC energy reduction of 600-800kWh/MT Al.

Main pot upgrading works

·       Energy saving

·       Current creep

·       CE increasing

Main technologies for pot upgrading

·       Magnesium field (busbar) optimization

·       Energy saving Cathode technology

·       Heat balance optimization

·       Control system upgrading

·       Standard operation manual

·       Feeding system retrofit

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