SAMI’s technologies and project execution/management expertise &  know-how never stand still. Through continuous improvement and innovation, our  objective is always to enhance performance – yours and ours.  

As a leading technology provider and engineering companyin alumina,  aluminum and carbon industry, an experienced supplier & contractor of  integrated solutions in these fields, and in particular a frontrunner in  aluminum reduction pot technology field with the most industrialized references,  SAMI possesses both self-developed and proven proprietary technologies,  qualifications and capabilities for engaging in the project consultancy,  engineering and contracting services. In recent decades, SAMI has expanded its  scope of business into more integrated solutions and broader areas in the fields  of alumina, aluminum and carbon industries, and the purpose is to render our  clients with better services and more added values.

Our featureslie in:

·       Being committed to technology excellence through continuous  improvement and innovation

·       Seamless project solutions to alumina, aluminum and carbon  industries, integrating our own proven technologies & project execution  skills

·       A leading global player in combination of both technology provider  and engineering & project management services  provider

·       Access to the best available Chinese supplies and competitive  pricing, with good quality

Over the decades, our continuously devoted efforts to R&D and  applications of our technologies (in various scales, from trials to pilot plants  to full industrial & commercial operations) in the reference plants have  maintained our technological edge. We’ve learned that solution integration with  technology-driven innovation as its core is the key to reaching the highest  level of project and operational performance.

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