Overview of SAMI Alumina Technology

As the cradle of China's aluminum industry, SAMI has been devoting to  alumina technology research, development and engineering. SAMI has profound  technology accumulation, providing China alumina industry almost all the alumina  production technologies in use, creating the most first times in the history of  China alumina industry, such as, the first mixed combination process, series  combination process, intensified sintering process, Lime Bayer process, Dressing  Bayer process, Low temperature Bayer process, innovative series combination  process, some unit technologies as well, such as, dual stream digestion,  sweetening process, etc. with the total design capacity over 21 million  tons.

SAMI is experienced in designing different process according to  different bauxites sources including diaspore, boehmite, gibbsite, fly ash, etc.  Low temperature Bayer process is the most focused process of SAMI at present  with great technical achievement.

The Overall Technology

The Unit Technology

Raw material

   One-stage close-circuit grinding process

   Fine crushing by roller press


   High temperature single stream digestion process

   Low temperature single stream digestion process

   Dual stream digestion process

   Double digestion process

   Sweetening process


   High-efficiency deep-cone settler technology

   Red mud filter pressing and dry stacking  technology

   High-efficiency filter-aid technology for control  filtration


   6 or 7-effect falling film evaporation process

   MVR evaporation technology


   One-stage seed precipitation technology for sandy  alumina production

   Two-stage seed precipitation technology for sandy  alumina production

   Continuous carbonation precipitation technology for  sandy alumina production

   Organics removal technology for Bayer process

   High efficiency fine hydrate recovery technology  from spent liquor


   Low A/S clinker sintering technology

   High A/S clinker intensified sintering  technology

   Soda-lime (limestone) sintering process

   Lime firing technology of rotary or vertical  kiln


   HSG/HQG high-efficiency mechanical agitation technology

   Comprehensive utilization technology of exhaust steam in the whole plant

   Exhaust gas waste heat recovery technology of  calcination flue gas

Main Performance Indicator

With the development of modern technology and  equipment, SAMI successfully upgraded its low temperature Bayer process with the  following parameters.

Single line production capacity


Fresh water consumption

~0t/t- Al2O3

Comprehensive energy consumption


Floor area consumption

≤7GJ/ t-Al2O3

Design and R&D Platform

Our tool platform keeps pace with the times and  keeps pace with the international advanced level. We use Syscad to simulate the  process, with Bently, Solidworks and PDsoft to complete the engineering design,  as well as using Auopipe to analysis the pipe stress, and using Ansys to  simulate the fluid.

Bauxite Grinding Plant Model
Bayer Unit Simulation
Settler Model

Stress Analysis

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