Overall of SAMI’s baking furnace technology

SAMI’s  baking furnace technology has been widely used in many modern carbon  plants. By using SAMI’s technology, it can achieve a better anode  quality, lower energy consumption and higher productivity. The total  production capacity of baking furnaces adopting SAMI’s technology is  around 10,000,000 t/a.

SAMI’s baking Technologies:

lProcess design and configuration technology of large baking furnace (12-14 flues/sections)

lNumerical simulation and structure optimization technology of baking furnace;

lAFRS combustion control system of baking furnace;

lAutomatic stacking and inventory management system of carbon block storage;

Main performance indicators

      Capacity:                            45-95kt/a. firing system;

      Energy consumption:                  ≤1.8GJ/t. anode;

      Firing cycle:                         28-36h;             

      Anode temperature deviation in pits:      ±17.5℃

•   Lifespan of flue wall:                  ≥200 firing cycles

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