Gas Treatment Center (GTC)

Along with the development of its advanced aluminum reduction  technology, SAMI has developed its proprietary scrubbing technology for aluminum  smelter, also named GTC technology, including dry purification recovery  technology and deep purification technology for desulfurization. At the same  time, the inorganized emission is controlled by means of residual cooling flue  gas recovery system, pot sealing system and skylight online  monitoring.

This GTC technology is suitable for various potlines with different  amperages (from 200kA to 660kA). The gas flow treated by one single set of GTC  can reach 3,000,000 Nm³/h or more. This technology can be used not only in the  green-field aluminum smelters, but also in the brownfield aluminum  smelters.

Main Performance Indicator:

Total F (from stack)

0.3-0.8 mg/Nm3

Particles  (from stack)

3- 5  mg/Nm3

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